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Supercharge your SPC Data Collection

The no-hassle way to collect measurements directly from your gages.
Now supports Meazura ruggedized Palm

What is the DataGet system?

The DataGet system is the hardware and software you need to convert a PC or a Palm computer into a powerful SPC data collector. Use the DataGet system to automate your SPC data collection process - save time, improve quality and lower costs.  Dispense with time-consuming and error-prone paper and tracking systems.

  • Hardware - the DataGet adapter is an intelligent interface that connects the gauge to your PC or Palm.  The electronics in the adapter talk to the gauge, compensate for differences in voltage levels, manage signaling between host and gauge, and preprocesses the data for easier handling on the host.
  • Software - the DataGet software loads on to the PC or Palm computer so you can record, edit, and chart your measurements.  In addition to being a gauge reader, the DataGet software automates and manages your data collection process, allowing you to automatically advance to the next measurement.  The software also checks for range and out-of-bounds conditions.

DataGet records your data with the full precision of your gauge, and then  allows you to export your data for further analysis and archiving.  Your data is available immediately.

How it works

The basic operation of DataGet is quite simple:  

  1. Position your gauge on the part for measurement you want to take and press the button.  
  2. The gauge sends the reading to the DataGet hardware, which decodes it and sends it to the DataGet software on the computer (Palm or PC).  The computer software then displays the data, checks it and saves it in the right variable.
  3. From the Palm, a touch of the button uploads your data to a spreadsheet or database.  

The DataGet software acts somewhat like a spreadsheet, with each variable the equivalent of a column, and each row represents a sample or physical part. You can set the DataGet software to advance automatically to the next variable (measurement) or next row (sample), with or without Subgrouping.

This is a stand-alone data collection system that requires no custom programming to be useful.  Configuration can be easily accomplished by non-programmers, leaving you free to concentrate on your data instead of fussing with your data collection.

Hassle Free Data Collection

With a single button push, you can collect data from:
All this hardware works with our easy to use DataGet software. The following facts might surprise you:

Quick Return on Investment (ROI)

The DataGet system is so inexpensive, it can pay back with the time savings in very short order. Adopting the system also means better quality, because you find and correct problems quicker. 
Alaska Fish and Game found that using DataGet required fewer people, and saved more than 50% over manual methods (see link below). Calculate what your savings might be with this handy spreadsheet.

Imagine!  Quality and low price and convenience all  in the same package.

There are no yearly subscription costs.

Where/How is DataGet used?

Use DataGet anywhere that you need to take measurements for Statistical or Quality purposes.


DataGet can be an important component of your SPC efforts and of your ISO900x compliance.  

  • DataGet is used in manufacturing facilities of all types throughout the world.
    • Automotive
    • Aerospace
    • Plastics
    • Electronics
  • Machine shops of all kinds

Natural Resources:

  • The Alaska Department of Fish and Game used DataGet to survey their King Crab stock.  They found that DataGet could result in significant savings in costs and manpower, increased accuracy, and increased speed. Click here to download the report.
  • Timber companies have used DataGet for surveys of their Tree Planting stock, and for lumber operations.
  • Michigan State University used DataGet in their research for a perfect Fairway grass.  (also)

Scientific Studies

  • DataGet is used for all sorts of scientific surveys and studies.  DataGet allows researchers to eliminate transcription time, and errors due to manual entry.  Preliminary analysis is available immediately, and data for extended analysis is available at the touch of a button.
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White Papers

Palm vs PocketPC - a discussion of things to consider in selecting a data collection platform. 

All about cables - a guide to selecting a cable for your gauge.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game evaluated DataGet.  Click here to download the report (pdf).


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